About us

What we do

Reluxeandco is all about sustainability. Whether that is repurposing and converting designer items into unique pieces, or having completely biodegradable and recyclable packaging, we believe that the way that we operate our business will make a difference.


We repurpose and convert items like discontinued, vintage designer bracelets all the way to old and ruined designer iPad cases, as everything deserves a new lease of life and there’s always potential even if most of the item is ruined. Continuing to stay transparent is one of our main aims - why would you want to buy something if you can’t see exactly where it's come from? So we always show before and after pictures on our website, and we post sneak peaks of what's to come in the future on our instagram.


All of our items are made from authentic, second hand luxury goods. This may mean that some of our items are in ‘pristine vintage condition’, whilst others may be classed as ‘good vintage condition’, but before we do anything with any of the preowned items we always make sure that we are happy with the quality. If we receive any items which we don’t believe are up to the standards which we require, then these items get sent back to the respected sellers. Before we receive our items, they have already been authenticated by a third party authentication team but we like to reassess the items when we get them to ensure that they are 100% authentic. For more on authenticity, please visit our authenticity page.