Care instructions

Moisture and water damage

Moisture is one of the main components which can cause tarnishing, so keeping your jewellery dry at all times is one of the most important factors when taking care of your jewellery. Remove your jewellery when doing things such as cleaning, showering and washing dishes. Continuing to wear them during these tasks can eventually cause the jewellery to tarnish, or cause discolouration.

Perfumes and lotions

If you are planning on wearing any products like perfumes or lotions, it’s recommended that you use these before putting your jewellery on. Some but not all perfumes, lotions and other beauty products may contain harsh chemicals which could eventually have an impact on the quality of the jewellery.

Storing your items

Storing your jewellery is just as important as the other factors. It’s recommended that you keep your jewellery in the boxes which the items have been sent in, or something similar like a jewellery storage box. Keeping jewellery in a box helps to prevent things like dust and moisture getting into any crevices that the jewellery may have. As well as this, it would also prevent tarnishing and any accidental damage.