Authentication process


Before our items arrive to us, they are checked and authenticated by an authentication team. When we receive the items, we like to reassess them to check the quality and authenticity.


Once we have gone through all of the authentication stages and are 100% happy with the quality of the items, we then move onto the reworking process and start creating our unique pieces.

Researching the original item

Firstly, we research the item to find out all of the relevant information which we will need later on in the authentication process.

Quality control

Once we receive the item, we carefully check the quality to ensure we are happy with it and can move onto the next stage.

Looking for hallmarks

Hallmarks are one of the most important things that we look at when authenticating items - this can be either numbers or letters.

Cross checking measurements

We check the measurements of the items to ensure they match the information that we previously found in our research.

Weighing to check authenticity

Most replica items weigh less than the authentic ones as they are cheaply made - this is why it’s important for us to weigh them.

Final quality control

Once we are happy with the authenticity of the items, they get polished and buffed before we start the reworking process.